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2 ways to get a website free (and an almost-free one)

Posted on 06 Mar 2012 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on 2 ways to get a website free (and an almost-free one)

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It may have crossed your mind to set up a website.
If you have any part in the process of creating, editing or otherwise deciding on web content for your organization, plunking up a website yourself is a nice exercise. At one point we called this blogging, but I’m choosing to call it just having a website. For some reason it sounds more pretentious to me to say “hey, check out my blog” and a little less to say, “hey, I made a website, check it out”. But I might be wrong.

Without being a hardcore full-time professional geek, this is far from the exhaustive list of resources.
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1. Reformat a blog. Most blogs these days are set up so you can build one, then take away those things that make it really look like a blog, if you want to. It’s a pretty easy google: the usual thing to do is to create Pages in your Menu instead of just doing Posts. …is my personal fave as I can email posts, have photos available at full resolution, and post to three of the other formats below, as well as FB, LinkedIn and Twitter …has become an industry standard with lots of businesses using their software as their website Content Management System (a slightly different resource, details at …I know, confusing isn’t it?) …blog that’s gained popularity for making pictures look good (thanks for the quicky info on this, Lois Patterson). Home to one of my favourite blogs ever, …owned by Google, so if you have a Gmail you technically have access to this, I think. At one point, this was a pretty standard place where people looked for Blogs. It still might be. …slightly different animal, specifically for Portfolio purposes. Great quick way for Designers, Artists, Illustrators & other Creatives to put their work out. Thanks to Lixandro Cordero for posting on this.

2 this free hosting site

There are others if you search quickly (something called gybo in Canada?) but this one worked pretty well and they were quite generous with data limits when I played around with it before.

The almost-free one: I had some fun creating and editing content on which isn’t free (not sure if it ever was) but I think it starts at $8US a month if you want to fork that out. In my experience, it was the friendliest interface for simply surfing to a page and just editing that one.

Dinking around with a website of your own can be a fun learning process to discover what it takes for any org to put their stuff out there. If you were on the fence on it, I’d encourage you to poke around with it. I’d love to see/hear/read how it goes for you.