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Dream of the Zero (0) Inbox

Posted on 05 Mar 2012 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Dream of the Zero (0) Inbox


I recently zero-ed my Inbox.
It’s a productivity tip I’ve heard from quite a few people (who seem productive).
To do it, I had quite a backlog. I think I had 5 digits in the Inbox count.
My wife is grateful to not see such a ginormous number in my Inbox.
I texted her when I reached 3 digits.
She is also grateful I’m done, so that, while I’m home, I can get back to the all-important task of keeping Sasha from putting everything in her mouth.
A very freeing feeling to be so cleaned out, and having a resulting shorter queue of messages to work through now.

Addendum: I had to work pretty fast.
If you emailed me something and needed some response, please shoot me another message!

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