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Fascinating. And How. @HowToFascinate #FollowFThursday. Happy BDay @SallyHogshead!

Posted on 19 Sep 2013 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Fascinating. And How. @HowToFascinate #FollowFThursday. Happy BDay @SallyHogshead!

How fascinating are you?

This is the premise of Fascinate, a book and related website/business endeavour by Sally Hogshead, a former ad agency Copywriter/Creative Director.
Her company has amassed a voluminous and compelling set of studies on how others perceive us (in contrast to many other personality studies focused on how we perceive ourselves). She’s put these together into her Fascinate work, and continues to offer the surveys online. I did mine using the coupon code I accessed through her book. She’s convinced that everyone is fascinating. I’d like to agree.

Her Fascination study points toward seven (7) Fascination Triggers that are our strengths when attracting or persuading or negotiating.

  • Passion
  • Mystique
  • Prestige
  • Rebellion
  • Alarm
  • Power
  • Trust

Point being: we can focus our time and energy more wisely by playing to our own natural Trigger strengths (our greatest Value, as she described in a video posted today).
I learned that my top two triggers are Mystique and Rebellion, respectively.
I’d tell you what personality type that is, but it’s a secret (well, it has “secret” in it…).

I wanted to flesh this post out more, and may continue to do so.

However, I also wanted to get this out there on the author’s birthday, which happens to fall on a Thursday, or as I call it on Social Media, a (Follow)FThursday.
Happy birthday, Ms Hogshead!


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