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If it’s the last thing I do?… a singular post for December 2012

Posted on 03 Dec 2012 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on If it’s the last thing I do?… a singular post for December 2012


~ This is the only post I’ve slated here for the rest of 2012. ~

One post? Seriously?
Expert opinion suggests updating blogs every day or every 5 days or every week or something. I’m challenging that notion this year: there’s no way any human being needs to feel the need to “publish” something that regularly. Especially during this big holiday month where there’ll be no shortage of messages coming at you.
So THIS is the only post I’m planning for the balance of the year.
It’s a break.
I hope it’s a welcome one.
Because the other thing I read about blogs is to challenge established notions.
Which also jives with Seth Godin‘s occasional recommend for us to break the system.

~ in case of boredom, break habits ~
You might be here because you followed one of my rabbit-trail posts here and were intrigued. If you’re looking for something interesting to look at, some new info to take in… my first notion is “Why?”. Perhaps a telling little internal exploration. Speaking of telling little internal explorations, my other thought is: if you’re looking for something intriguing/thought-provoking/compelling, it might already be in you.
Consider sitting yourself down with a blank page (or Word doc) and see what you’ve got in you.
I’m pretty sure it’d be pretty good.
Alternately, you can also feel free to re-visit my posts from the season last year when, ironically, I felt compelled to do the opposite tack and post right on Christmas Day.

~ hey man, let’s just chill ~
In the middle of everything that’s going on, I’d love for you to just chill.
This is my blanket wish for everyone I love:
to have opportunity to opt a little less into social media, and conversely, a little more into actual in-person socializing. Surround yourself with family and friends. Just be. Relax. Be yourself.

~ my ironic “game” this month ~
I’m also taking as much a break from constant social media checking as I can muster.
Ironically, my social media call-outs are set to go. But they’re all pointing here.
Is that a weird part of my game? Does it bug you? Drop me a line
and let me know.
Speaking of the game, there’ll likely be some big changes to how I post/blog in the New Year. Part of the reason I’m taking this #blogbatical is to re-focus and redefine my communications channels. So please remember me & this space circa Jan 3, 2013!…

~ credit where credit is due ~
The cover image is the first-ever illustrated commission on this blog, courtesy LaJolee, a new local source for Illustration, Design and Illustratorly Merch. Check out the site, there’s more fun stuff where this came from. I was super-glad to have collaborated on it.