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#LeapYearDay is also @PinkShirtDay this yr in Canada

Posted on 29 Feb 2012 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on #LeapYearDay is also @PinkShirtDay this yr in Canada


Here's my pink shirt for Pink Shirt Day in Canada.

I'm hoping it's being posted rightside-up…

Thanks to my friend Craig Yeung, Marvel Comics inker, who got me this one from HK. Just now noting the irony that it's Popeye…

As you can likely guess if you didn't hear about it, it's a day when people are encouraged to wear a pink shirt, taking a stance against bullying.

Here's the rundown from the media release… 

About Pink Shirt Day: In 2007, two Nova Scotia students decided to take action after witnessing a younger student being bullied for wearing a pink shirt to school. The students bought 50 pink t-shirts and encouraged schoolmates to wear them and send a powerful message of solidarity to the bully. [Vancouver newsradio station] CKNW were inspired by the story and to date have raised more than $300,000 for Boys & Girls Clubs anti-bullying programs with the sales of Pink Shirt Day T-Shirts.

A nice story & occasion. I'm proud to lend my back for support. And have an excuse to wear this old shirt.
I was bullied as a kid. I don't feel like it was permanently damaging but I was far from the biggest target. I do wish something like this existed, for us to be encouraged to lend a hand to the most-bullied. 

On a total other sidenote, I'm having trouble forgetting the whole Leap Year Day episode of 30Rock last week…