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Little (<5min) Clip from #LittlePerson #StandupComedian @TanyaleeDavis #ff #FollowFriday

Posted on 11 May 2012 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Little (<5min) Clip from #LittlePerson #StandupComedian @TanyaleeDavis #ff #FollowFriday

Language Warning! Tanya Lee Davis is a comedian, thus probably contractually obligated to drop a 4-letter-bomb in this bit. Surprising that CBC kept it in.

As headliner for the Stand Up For Mental Health 2012 grad class show that my friend was in last Monday, Tanya Lee Davis had me laughing so hard, parts of my face twitched that I didn’t think could twitch. If all goes well, I’ll plunk an inevitably late post about the night on my Late News blog. Speaking of late news, this past week was Mental Health Week.