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#Movember Week 3 and quickie fr the only health book I’ve ever read #DavidAgus #TheEndOfIllness

Posted on 22 Nov 2012 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on #Movember Week 3 and quickie fr the only health book I’ve ever read #DavidAgus #TheEndOfIllness

This is the only health book I’ve ever read cover-to-cover.
It seemed different.
It also seemed about time I’d done some reading on these lines, now that I’m a Dad.
I grabbed it at my local library so I’m suspecting it’s at one near you too.

Seemed appropriate to mention and sort of plug in the middle of my Movember campaign.

The author, Dr David Agus, is a cancer doctor.
I could summarize more but his website has a really nice sell-job
Here’s page 194, one of the “Health Rule” tip-sheets he ends every chapter with:

Elements of Healthy Style

Health Rule
Eat well. Get your nutrition -including naturally occurring vitamins and minerals – from real, whole food that is as close to nature as possible. Don’t trust anything that comes out of a blender, juicer, or glass jar. Buy frozen fruits and vegetables or “fresh flash-frozen” over what many supermarkets sell as just fresh. It’s hard to summarize nutritional recommendations in a list, but below is a list of general recommendations. Understanding the complex nature of nutrition is a more important principle, but lists can be helpful tools:
1. Moderation.
2. Eat on a regular schedule – it doesn’t matter how many meals, just regular timing. No snacking. (You’ll learn the importance of maintaining such strict regularity shortly.)
3. Eat cold-water fish a minimum of three times per week (e.g., salmon, sardines, tuna, rainbow trout, anchovies, herring, halibut, cod, black cod, mahimahi, etc.).
Exception: It’s better to avoid fish than to consume any fish that is not recommended by, which keeps a running record of safe, ocean-friendly seafood.
4. Choose a multicolo(u)red diet.
5. Drink red wine (one glass a night) five nights per week – unless you’re at high risk for breast cancer.
6. Eat a good-fat diet – not a low-fat diet.
7. Read Michael Pollan’s In Defense of Food – it’s the best book on food.