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New Brené Brown book!

Posted on 31 Aug 2015 in Psychology, Storytelling | Comments Off on New Brené Brown book!

IMG_2834I got my mitts on the new Brené Brown book, Rising Strong!
(pictured here is the back cover which I shot imperfectly, somewhat intentionally…)

Those of you who’ve heard of Brené Brown will likely grasp the significance of this. I’ve read little bits and I love what she represents. My brother is jealous, I’m pretty sure.

Those who haven’t heard of Brené: she gives herself titles on the lines of Vulnerability Researcher (that’s who she is on which is a bit odd. Basically she’s a PhD-level Social Worker who’s done oodles of work on Shame and Vulnerability and has pinpointed these as big pitfalls to us all living wholeheartedly. Here’s her page. She has one of the most-watched Ted talks in history, 20 million views and counting. Well worth the 20-odd minutes to take in.

I mentioned her in this previous blog post.

Thanks to the Richmond  Public Library for letting me borrow their book.
I hope to report some sweet findings herein.


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