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omg Happy #NationalScrabbleDay2012! Just found out there’s such a thing.

Posted on 13 Apr 2012 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on omg Happy #NationalScrabbleDay2012! Just found out there’s such a thing.


It’s National Scrabble Day. It’s a Day because it was founder Alfred Mosher Butts’ birthday (and the Nation in question is the US, which I assumed but was good to check). I just found that out. And you’d think I’d know.
That said, the official Scrabble Players Tournament Players site gives no indication of this being a real day.

So don’t feel bad if you didn’t get me anything.
Just run out and get it now.
I’m totally kidding.
I’m not sure what you do on the day anyway, besides play, which I kind of do anyway.

Have a safe and blessed National Scrabble Day.
Oh yeah, the Canucks play today too.