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Posted on 23 Oct 2013 Comments Off on ThatFolio

Memorial Cup ad 1 of 2

Man, I love bathroom humour.

Print ad for Memorial Cup in Vancouver, the national Junior Hockey Championship. Art Director: David Yu.

Boy/Girl, I love bathroom humour.

'nother ad for Memorial Cup, Canada's Junior Hockey national championship. Art Director: David Yu.

Ad was larger than it appears.

Point-of-sale piece. Art Director: Ken McCarty,

New Bundle of Joy.

Announcing The Parenting Course global launch. Art Director: Jessica Penney

Synchronized Winning congratulations

Synchronized Winning.

Capitalizing on Synchro Swimmers synchronizing their wins as well as their swims. Art Director: Gillian Meyer.

An unexpected pull.

Invitation to attend The Alpha Course. Art Director: David Yu.