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quite possibly the latest 2013 Movember post, ever.

Posted on 06 Dec 2013 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on quite possibly the latest 2013 Movember post, ever.

Lam Tang's November 30 Movember MoustacheI was so late with all my Movember actions this year.

It’s likely an object lesson in delays begetting delays: I was late taking the shot, then late getting it into my computer with my regular periodical bulk uploads… But enough describing delays to further delay.

Shared with a couple of Movember supporters that this year didn’t feel quite as big as last year.

Still, last I checked Canada was beating the US in funds raised.

More importantly, though, I felt like my own focus on Mental Health led to more conversations about what Movember meant in the first place, and what it means now.
It feels like having some things out in the open, like mental health struggles, help them get dealt with rather than hidden until they yield a fatal, preventable outcome.

Thanks to everyone who’s actually clicking here to read these.
I’m thankful for the donations.

And equally thankful for keeping a relevant conversation going.

Because keeping relevant conversations going is the best part of what I do as a copywriter and branding professional.



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