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Remember remember the 1st of #Movember.

Posted on 01 Nov 2012 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Remember remember the 1st of #Movember.


Day 1 of Movember.
I have to tell you I’m joining this movement this year.
I have to tell you because if I don’t, you likely won’t know I’m trying to grow a moustache until maybe November 26.

Movember is men growing their moustaches throughout November to raise funds and awareness for Men’s Health issues. They stem around Prostate Cancer but it’s kind of also about us men getting over the barriers to getting checked out by a doctor, because there’s a lot of health doo-doo we could prevent if we get checked out early. 

I’ve never done it before, but this year I’m joining forces with my brother in Toronto, forming the Mo Tang Clan alliance to grow our facial hair(s) for the cause. So far I have my daughter’s pic as my Mo pictorial presence. I doubt I can beat the appeal of her fruity Mo.

I’m toying with “thon”-ing the concept: having people pledge an amount for every time someone comments on the ‘stache. It’s part of the objective of the month, plus I’m curious if anyone would ask. Again, might not be an issue for me till after the 26th…

Anyway, here’s my Mo page.
And here’s the Mo Tang Clan team page

Please give early and often. Thanks for your support!