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Three days in the #ArtGallery. #FollowFThursday

Posted on 03 Oct 2013 in Art, FollowFThursday | Comments Off on Three days in the #ArtGallery. #FollowFThursday

installation by artist Steve Lyons, part of the Fictive Realities show at the Richmond Art Gallery, Sept 7 - Nov 3

You have to come to the gallery to see what this thing really is. Really, the picture does no justice.

I’ve been inside my city’s art gallery every day for the last two days.
Granted, so far my total time has been less than half an hour.
But I plan to be there again tonight too.

Two days ago, it was to contribute my submission to their next show.
(weird to think I might be showing in an art gallery… I’ll let you know if I meet the criteria…).
Yesterday it was to do their advertised Lightning Tour: a 15-minute romp through the gallery, 12:05pm – 12:20pm.
This was a nicely put-together tour considering the timing.
A really suitable case-in-point of a traditional service re-imagining itself for busy people.
The gallery purist might balk at the sufficiency of 15 minutes. But I’m starting to recognize the value of taking what you can get, if the alternative is for patrons to spend 0 minutes in your gallery.
To be honest, if art is working, it can start to grab you within this time.
I even got to stick my head in a bag. Or was it a box? Again, you have to see it to know. I hate to steal the artists’ fire in this medium.

Tonight I plan to pick up a pencil for the gallery’s #PickUpAPencil program: open drawing in the gallery from 6-9pm. It’s been ages since I’ve drawn. I really miss it. If there’s anything worth posting, I’ll likely attach a follow-up post here on my blog.

A shout-out to Tony Yin Tak Chu who was manning the gallery front desk when I was curious about it a couple months ago.
He heads up this Pick Up a Pencil thing. He was also the guy on the website pic promoting the program, so it was funny to talk to a guy I’d just seen on a website 6 minutes before. He’s been super-nice and really pulling for me to re-discover my art side. He’s even letting me take our 7-month-old to this drawing thing tonight.
I really hope it works out for us: scouting out the show yesterday, I noticed some things that seem breakable…

Next #FollowFThursday: ode to my alma mater, and the coinky-dink people from there that I met after.


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