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#ToDoThisWeekend: #unscramble these 400 or so words #ScrabbleGrams #StuartBrownPlay

Posted on 22 Jan 2016 in Uncategorized, Weekend Things | Comments Off on #ToDoThisWeekend: #unscramble these 400 or so words #ScrabbleGrams #StuartBrownPlay

A dizzying Collection of ScrabbleGrams

ThatGuyWriting’s dizzying collection of ScrabbleGrams

What’s a #Seahawks fan to do the weekend after they ran out of Playoff horseshoes dating back to last year’s NFC Championships?
One option for me, and for anyone of similar geeky persuasion, is to work through back issues of ScrabbleGrams. Although I’ve already looked at all these myself.
Fortunately enough, my memory is sometimes shot enough that I can look back at these and still be challenged.

What we’ve got here.

Over the last few years, I’ve been sneaking looks at ScrabbleGrams whenever I’ve come across them, mainly from our longstanding local newspaper, The Province. It would be a thing I’d sneak with the neighbour’s paper, with the work copy and at McDonald’s. I later discovered I could snap a picture with my phone, and that’s been almost a ritual for me now. Currently I can lump a few together using my local library‘s archives.
Once you click through to the posted albums, you can work away at some challenging 6-7 letter Hasbro-sponsored word scramble puzzles (or anagrams, if you’re nerdy like me)!

ThatGuyWriting's 2015 collection of ScrabbleGrams.

Click image for ThatGuyWriting’s 2015 collection of ScrabbleGrams.

I plan to do a batch upload or two of the 2015 Edition as there are some gaps. You may be able to subscribe to the Photo Album, otherwise you can check back.

ThatGuyWriting's 2016 collection of ScrabbleGrams.

Click image for ThatGuyWriting’s 2016 collection of ScrabbleGrams.

For the 2016 collection, I’ll likely be updating Fridays if you’re keen on getting these relatively fresh off the phone.

Note: I clipped off the answers. At least they should all be off (please drop me a line if you catch one!). Mainly it’s because without the answers, each can function more as a unit, and you don’t get the spoiler effect of seeing answers to puzzles you haven’t seen yet.

Also, you can glean the correct answers by either:

  1. doing the math, or
  2. using a word checking tool. A fairly current tool is Hasbro Scrabble’s Tools site where you can look a word up in the dictionary, or totally cheat and punch your letters into their Word Builder.

There may be a point to all this.

This is far from the most current reading, but I recently discovered Stuart Brown MD’s book Play and found it resonated with a belief that’s been in my background consciousness: that we get something out of play, and not only frivolous escape. There’s cognitive, developmental and social stuff that’s core to becoming better individually and corporately. One of the most compelling stories is the link between play deprivation/abuse and the development of a serial killer or two.

It’s one of the longer Ted talks but also serves as a very useful summary of the points in the book. The book’s concepts have given some credence to my Scrabble obsession that’s now spanned two centuries.

So even if you don’t crack open one of these crazy ScrabbleGrams, however you define play, I hope you get some this weekend!


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