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#VoteToday and 2 other things on my radar

Posted on 19 Oct 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on #VoteToday and 2 other things on my radar


It’s national Election Day in Canada.
Canadian friends: if you haven’t already, please do exercise your democratic right.
That said, this year probably more than any other, I really feel the millennial tension that voting might not do much. It’s been bugging me for some time now, in the background: I really don’t know how the people who are the candidates available to me got to be in that position, other than wanting to be in a position that I find anything but enviable.

IMG_2984 IMG_2983

Richmond BC, where I reside now, has these drain ditches right by the road, and some signs made their way into them this year. I really wasn’t sure if they were endorsements, or the complete opposite. And this is about as political as this blog is going to get. Other than to say it again: please vote! It at the very least gives you some rights to complain about how the land is governed…

While we’re here, there are two other things this week that have my attention.

Other Thing This Week 1: Conflict Resolution Week in BC

Mediation Is Effective

Photo Credit: Alexander Ning (Mediator in BC)

2015 Conflict Resolution Week
 is upon us! It seems like 2014 Conflict Resolution Week was only yesterday, doesn’t it? 😉
Full disclosure: I have a paying client who is a professional mediator.
It seems like a good way to go, though, to work out conflict with someone who has the unenviable job of dealing with conflict on a regular basis. It can bypass the fiscal pain of lawyering up, and even when lawyers are in the mix, apparently a Mediator can shorten the resolution process.
In some of my work, I’m becoming familiar with how mediation can help in cases of divorce and separation (more familiar than anyone needs to be, who isn’t going through it. At that, though, it’s a constant cautionary tale to me in a lot of ways). So if you or someone you know is going through that potential cesspool of a conflict, Mediation is an interesting avenue to alleviate that patch of emotional roughness. This year’s theme is also an invitation: Why Not Mediate?

Other Thing This Week 2: Connect via Hootsuite virtual conference


Not sure if everyone got this invitation or not, but I felt honoured to be invited to the Connect via Hootsuite virtual conference and am quite excited to be taking in some of presentations around their theme of From Messages To Meaning. The link will get you to their self-registration as well as the list of topics and speakers. Feel free to comment here on what you’re excited about! There’s a chunk toward the end that has my attention: the hashtag one, more because I liked using #tagboard, and the ROI because, well, who doesn’t want to know the Return On Investment?…

Other Thing This Week 2.5: MLB ALCS Game 3

If you don’t know what those acronyms are, it’s not like plunking them here is going to help you much.
The Toronto Blue Jays are in Game 3 of a best of 7 against the Kansas City Royals.
They lost the first two. But that’s what they did in the last round too.
They say the whole country is into it. I’d say that a segment out here in the Vancouver area are, but like anything here, I’m never quite sure how universal the interest is.
However, this local bridge has their name in lights:

Indeed, Let’s Go Jays!



So now what do we have to say for ourselves?…

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