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Art/Design/Visual Friends: pimp my design! #iPhoneCase

Posted on 21 Nov 2013 in Advertising, Customer Service, Marketing | Comments Off on Art/Design/Visual Friends: pimp my design! #iPhoneCase


ThatGuyWriting Brand Consultancy iPhone case


I’m thinking about this as my next iPhone case.

Any thoughts from my blog-reading peanut gallery? Please feel free to comment design suggestions here.

Better yet, here’s a link to the AI file if my design is making you feel twitchy enough to diddle with it yourself on Illustrator.

If you’re in that diddly mood, note that the fonts are Bebas and Cantarell (Bold and Italic).

And for the top diddler, there MIGHT be an phone case of your own as compensation…

Technically this isn’t due till May 14 2014 but I should probably stop waiting till last minute on everything.

I wonder now if I’ve conjugated diddley diddled diddling enough to get myself into some interesting search results. Expanding my clientele?…