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Happy New-ish Year: a simple story of a new beginning

Posted on 09 Jan 2014 in Advertising, Branding, Marketing, Story, Storytelling | Comments Off on Happy New-ish Year: a simple story of a new beginning

IMG_6036 We’re a week into the new year. We know that means we’re not exactly striking while the New Year iron is hot, by any means. Indeed, 2014 may be feeling old for you already as you burrow through your post-Christmas backlog. We’re using this opportunity to reminisce about a season of newness. And no, it wasn’t last week (if that’s a nice reminiscence for you, go right on ahead…)

Now we’re in business

We started up ThatGuyWriting Brand Consultancy and did lots of what you do to start a business: business plan, bank account, registrations… But the business didn’t quite feel fresh, new, and quite ours until we got our businesscards printed. Part of it was that Principal Lam Tang had a minor dream to have businesscards that did a little more than just list Name+PhoneNo, which you can see on the back (top of this post). A bigger part, though, was that it was our branding, in print, in our hands. Even having the logo designed but NOT printed was this exciting. It’s also nice to have something to put in the fishbowl at the front of restaurants. The old businesscard might be a bit of a dinosaur. Many newer professionals are eschewing them. And we’re not totally plugging the businesscard, that it’ll guaranteed re-energize you for business (although as business expenses go, they’re a pretty cheap thing to call up. As much as it’s old-school, having no businesscard is still plain awkward a lot of the time). The core of it is to engage in activities that communicate newness and freshness:

  • it could be a new businesscard, letterhead or brochure
  • perhaps you’re due for new signage, and you could change perspective from it being a necessary evil to an opportunity for renewed vigour in your market
  • something new on your website or social media(s) can be the quickest way to get the feeling of new out there

Every new thing you do in your marketing is an opportunity for you to communicate something new (or even something old but overlooked, in a new way) to your clients. And very often, it communicates to you yourself as well, a reminder + a re-energizer. We at ThatGuyWriting Brand Consultancy have the privilege to brand+market a company or two in early 2014, to build newness from the ground up, marketing-wise. We look forward to sharing the results with you.

Worth thinking about, injecting newness into your communications. Your first 2014 blog post, for example… 😉


So now what do we have to say for ourselves?…

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