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US Thanksgiving Weekend is Canadian Superbowl Weekend

Posted on 25 Nov 2014 in Advertising, Marketing, Story, Storytelling, Weekend Things | Comments Off on US Thanksgiving Weekend is Canadian Superbowl Weekend

102nd Grey Cup, Nov 30, 2014, Vancouver BC Canada,

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It’s #CanadianSuperbowlWeekend!
Actually, nobody here calls it that (for some reason).
But this is as much a note-to-self as anything: without the US hype machine, I’d actually likely forget that our nation’s best (American-style) footballers are hitting the gridiron for the 102nd annual national championship. And in my hometown.
It’s also a justifiable reason to post this: a radio spot I had a hoot writing for the League’s playoff hype, many moons ago.
As an advertising copywriter, oh the things you can get people to say…

For what it’s worth, I’m picking Hamilton. My picks are little more than wishes (I actually can’t name either of the two guys in the picutre on this post). But my 2014 SuperBowl wish did come true…
Also, Hamilton is my team.
When it comes down to it, half the league is in some way my team.
Hamilton is because that’s where I got my undergrad degree.
Let’s have a good game, guys!