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#ToDoThisWeekend: #unscramble these 400 or so words #ScrabbleGrams #StuartBrownPlay

Posted on 22 Jan 2016 in Uncategorized, Weekend Things | Comments Off on #ToDoThisWeekend: #unscramble these 400 or so words #ScrabbleGrams #StuartBrownPlay

What’s a #Seahawks fan to do the weekend after they ran out of Playoff horseshoes dating back to last year’s NFC Championships? One option for me, and for anyone of similar geeky persuasion, is to work through back issues of ScrabbleGrams. Although I’ve already looked at all these myself. Fortunately enough, my memory is sometimes […]

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8 kinds of work I like to do

Posted on 18 Jan 2016 in Advertising, Branding, Marketing, Not For Profit, Print, Storytelling, TV, Uncategorized, Websites | Comments Off on 8 kinds of work I like to do

I was recently asked, “What kind of work do you like to do?”. While a longer answer wasn’t uncalled for, I believe the expectation was something on the lines of a genre or a medium, such as “I like writing blog entries” or “I’m really into writing ads”. I do like writing blog entries and […]

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